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Past Events

October 29
Valery Posternak
The design of album covers changed dramatically in the 20th century, they provided artists with a new creative format, evolving from purely functional to art. Valery Posternak will examine the rise in popularity of these designs, and discuss the intricate relationship between music and design.
October 28
Anna Arutiunova
Anna Arutiunova talks about Pontus Hultén, Swedish art collector and museum director.
October 27
Maria Savostyanova
Maria Savostyanova lifts the curtain on the intricate line between art and design, and asks where does one end, and the other begin?
October 26
Ekaterina Wagner
Ekaterina Wagner talks about the way art events are selected for the art magazine, text genres she likes the most and the difference between texts on design and texts on arts.
October 24
Talk inside The New Décor.
October 23
Tatiana Malinina
October 22
Nikolai Izvolov
In 1958 during the World Fair in Brussels, a list of the 12 best films of all times was created. Garage will show all these films. The third film of the cyclus is «The Bicycle Thieves» by Vittorio de Sica.
October 21
Alexandra Novozhenova
MANIFESTA is the youngest and the most dynamic European biennale. In 2010 MANIFESTA is taking place in Murcia, Spain. Alexandra Novozhenova is talking about problems raised in Murcia and the methods the curators use to solve them.