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Past Events

December 11
Aleksandra Roudyk, Andrei Parshikov, Valentin Dyakonov
December 10
For this session, expert Nikolai Izvolov will present Grand Illusion by Jean Renoir and investigate why it was added to the prestigious Belgian list.
December 9
Anastasia Pronina
Designer Anastasia Pronina tells how the recorded tracks embody into visual objects and explains the meaning of the records shaped as soccer ball and wrapped in metallic net.
December 8
Sergei Nikitin
Sergei Nikitin invites to a festive opening of series of lectures MELNIKOV BAR. Questions of constructivism with Sergei Nikitin.
December 7
Irina Kulik
Аrt criticist and culture expert Irina Kulik shares her experience in preparing and holding an interview.
December 5
December 5
Talk inside the exhibitions of The New Decor, How Soon Is Now, VINYL and Dysfashional
December 4