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Past Events

January 4
January 3
December 25
Nina Donis, Nina Neretina and Donis Pupis
December 20
Frederic Baldwin and Wendy Watriss
Hear the history to one of the leading photographic festivals in the world – FotoFest - with its president Frederick Baldwin and art director Wendy Watriss. T
December 17
December 14
Anastasia Mityushina
Anastasia Mityushina summarizes autumn workshops and reveals the maim points of previous workshops.
December 12
Evgen Bavcar
Slovenian philosopher and photographer Evgen Bavcar lost his vision at the age of 12, but undaunted by his disease, is talking about his experience and career.
December 12
Talk inside the exhibitions of VINYL, The New Decor and How Soon Is Now.