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Past Events

December 3
December 2
Anna Arutiunova
Hero of the third lecture is Johannes Kladders (1924 – 2009), one of the most famous German curators, who discovered such great artists as Joseph Beuys.
November 30
Maria Kravtsova
Maria Kravtsova talks on substituting vitriol and sarcasm to light and delicate writing.
November 28
Bice Curiger, Jacqueline Burckhardt
Hear Bice Curiger, director of the 54th Venice Biennale, in conversation with art-historian Jacqueline Burckhardt as they share their unique insights into the world of art publishing and curating.
November 28
Talk inside the exhibitions of The New Decor, VINYL and Dysfashional
November 27
Maria Privalova
November 26
Maria Kravtsova
Maria Kravtsova talks about fashion of 1930s and about its connection with surrealists.
November 24
Kara Miskaryan
Kara Miskaryan talks about simple, but effective methods and total taboos in art journalism.