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Past Events

August 11
Georgy Ostretsov
Explore the work of significant contemporary artist Georgy Ostretsov as he discusses the many different periods of his artistic biography and shows some rare materials from his private archives. As part of «100 Years of Performance»
August 7
German Vinogradov
Hear world-famous artist German Vinogradov discuss his influential work and explore the genre with archival material showing images from his career to date including a chance to see his performance of Bikaponias. As part of «100 Years of Performance»
August 5
Elena Kovylina
Join us for an exclusive chance to hear a contemporary artist discuss her latest projects. As part of «100 Years of Performance»
August 4
Peter Bystrov
Gain a unique, insider’s perspective into one of the most provocative art-groups of this century with Peter Bystrov, artist and teacher and previously a member of the controversial Radek Community from 1999-2005
August 3
Ekaterina Vasilyeva
Learn about the developments and evolution of the last 10 years of fashion. Ekaterina Vasilyeva will guide you through the trends that have shaped this millennium so far in a lecture accompanied by visuals of the ‘new’ rules of fashion.
July 31
Alexandra Obukhova
The History of the Moscow Performance 1990-2000
July 28
Nina Sosna
July 24
Alexandra Obukhova
The history of the Moscow Performance of 1990-2000