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Past Events

October 12
Pavel Vardishvili
October 10
Talk inside the VINYL exhibition.
October 9
Valery Posternak
What is the difference between the American and British design? How were album sleeves decorated in the Soviet Union? All these questions would be answered by Valery Posternak, a devoted collector of vinyl.
October 7
Giulio Cappellini
Named “one of the most charismatic leaders in design” by TIME magazine, Milanese architect Giulio Cappellini, gives a unique insight into his legendary brand Cappellini.
October 6
Fabio Novembre
Join us to hear one of the most controversial designers of our time talk about his new projects in the context of contemporary design.
October 6
Luigi Colani
October 6
Join us to hear some of the world’s most influential designers discuss contemporary design.
October 5
Martha Ageeva
Martha Ageeva, correspondent for ITAR-TASS, knows first hand the difficulty of writing for previews of future exhibitions for the presidential PR office, the awkward structuring of the facts at most press conferences and how to write fast a high quality text despite all these obstacles.