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Past Events

May 23
Is there a place for "transcendence" in modern art?
May 23
Oliver Grau
Art historian Oliver Grau will perform an overview and analisys of the media art evolution over the past years
May 22
Andrei Erofeev, Yulia Liderman
May 22
Thijs van Velzen, Wouter van den Bos
Inspired by your own experience, ideals or futuristic visions, we invite you to explore history and the present during the creation of in an ideal city.
May 19
Boris Kagarlitsky
May 19
Dr. Djurdja Barlett
In between Bolshevik Utopia, NEP ideology and constructivist experiments
May 18
Irina Korobyina
May 15
Alexandra Obukhova
American non-objective painting in 1940-1950s: the paradox of ‘abstract narrative painting'