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12 masterpieces of the World cinema. Bicycle thieves by Vittorio de Sica (Landri di biciclette, 1948)

Nikolai Izvolov
October 22, Friday
Film Screening19:00

During the 1958 World Fair in Brussels, a list of the 12 best films of all times was created. Since then, the making of such lists is practiced by many institutions, individuals and the media, but the original, Belgian list still remains an important reference point. On behalf of Garage, Nikolai Izvolov will present all 12 films, and discuss the reasons why these movies made such a prestigious list. The third film presented is The Bicycle Thieves by Vittorio de Sica. This classic example of early neo-realism received numerous awards including an Oscar (1950) and a Golden Globe (1950). This great movie had a huge impact on the progress of the world cinematography and is repeatedly included in ‘best of’ lists.

Limited Places, drop in early to avoid disappointment.

Nikolai Izvolov - film expert, head of department of History and Theory of the Cinematic Art Research Institute.

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