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W Hotels Worldwide Moscow Fashion Next

October 11 - October 25, 2011
Continuing on from the successful New York and London leg of its Fashion Next programme, W Hotels has collaborated with Moscow-based designer Vika Gazinskaya to celebrate what’s new and next in the Moscow fashion scene in advance of Moscow Fashion Week. Vika Gazinskaya and W Hotels’ newly appointed Global Fashion Director, Jenne Lombardo have collaborated to celebrate a snapshot of Moscow’s creativity. Now in its third season (and for the first time going global, from New York to London to Moscow and Bangkok), Fashion Next is W Hotels’ celebration of fashion, which looks to bring emerging talent to a global stage.

The documentary explores trends and talent from a Moscow-perspective including a sneak preview and insight into their upcoming collections for Moscow Fashion Week, comparing them with ‘on trend’ looks and creative ideas emerging worldwide. To celebrate Moscow Fashion Next, W Hotels has partnered the launch of GARAGE, a new biannual editorial project helmed by Editor-in-Chief Dasha Zhukova. Igniting raw collaborations between art, fashion and literature, the magazine offers readers a unique and uncensored platform that engages them with today’s cultural landscape. GARAGE’s pioneering spirit looks to echo that of its namesake, Garage Center for Contemporary Culture, the ground-breaking contemporary art centre which Zhukova brought to Moscow in 2008.

As part of the Moscow Fashion Next project, GARAGE worked with Jenne Lombardo to identify Vika Gazinskaya as Moscow’s Fashion Next Insider. W Hotels has tapped Gazinskaya to create a documentary short titled ‘W Hotels Presents Moscow Fashion Next?’ posing the question: ‘‘What is new and next in Moscow fashion?’’ The film introduces and presents the uniqueness of the approach and creativity of three talented Russian designers in advance of Moscow Fashion Week (21 – 25 October). Respondents to the piece include Jenne Lombardo, Vika Gazinskaya and two of Moscow’s top fashion talents, as selected by Lombardo and Gazinskaya: Anna Miminoshvili and Alexander Terekhov. In recognition of his talent, Terekhov received the GQ Designer of the Year Award 2011 last month, whilst Miminoshvili is preparing to show her fourth collection during Moscow Fashion Week.

In addition to Dasha Zhukova, GARAGE’s team includes Mike Meiré, Art Director; Shala Monroque, Creative Director; Joan Juliet Buck, Editorial Consultant; Becky Poostchi, Managing Editor; as well as a wide range of contributors including Marina Abramovic, Giovanna Battaglia, Francesca Burns, Christian Boltanski, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Chloe Kerman, Nick Knight, Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, John Baldessari, Hedi Slimane, Juergen Teller, Peter Saville, Vanessa Traina, Neville Wakefield, Derek Blasberg, Olympia Scarry, Peter Brant II, Tavi Gevinson, and many more.

GARAGE is available at Garage Center for Contemporary Culture and across newsstands internationally, as well as in art galleries, museums, kunsthalles, and some of the world’s most exclusive boutiques. The publication will also live online at

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