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June 9 - June 10, 2012

“Bodies in urban spaces” is a temporarily intervention in diversified urban architectonical environment. The intention of “bodies in urban spaces” is to point out the urban functional structure and to uncover the restricted movement possibilities and behavior as well as rules and limitations.

By placing the bodies in selected spots the interventions provoke a thinking process and produce irritation. Passers by, residents and audience are motivated and prompted to reflect their urban surrounding and there own movement behavior and habits. “Bodies in urban spaces” invites the residents to walk their own city thus establishing a stronger relationship to their neighborhood, district and town. The interventions are temporarily without leaving any traces behind, but imprints in the eye-witnesses` memory.

“Bodies in urban spaces” is a moving trail, choreographed for a group of dancers. The performers lead the audience through selected parts of public and semi-public spaces. A chain of physical interventions set up very quickly and only existing temporarily, allows the viewer to perceive the same space or place in a new and different way - on the run.

The special quality of each place at various times of the day creates unique presentations.


Born in 1959 in Baden, Austria, Willi Dorner pursued an atypical education, studying modern dance, physical education, movement analysis, dance therapy, philosophy and visual arts. He made his début as a choreographer in the 1980s while working as a dancer for various companies in Austria and New York. Eager to move beyond the usual forms of theatre and performance, he has gained an international reputation for his in situ pieces and for his dance work. He also makes experimental films about his presentations and regularly collaborates with artists and scientists from diverse backgrounds, questioning our perception of others and of the world.

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9 June

12 PM - 1 PM (meeting at 12 PM)
6 PM - 7 PM (meeting at 6 PM)

10 June

12 PM - 1 PM (meeting at 12 PM)
6 PM - 7 PM (meeting at 6 PM)

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No booking needed, admission free.

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