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Active Debate: The Dictionary of War

October 31, Saturday
Video presentation12:00

War Concept (Session One)

Join us for the first session of a truly international project, as we show a film of 30 participants from 14 different countries around the world presenting a personal concept of ‘War’ in 20 minutes.  The presentations will be debated later during Session Two.

The Moscow Session Speakers include:   Valery Podoroga, Michael  Ryklin and Oleg Aronson (Russian philosophers); Freidrich  Kittler (German media theorician); Geman Vinogradov (artist); Vyacheslav Izmailov (war negotiator); Zoya Eroshok (journalist); Arkadi Babchenko (war writer); Leo Bassi (performance artist).

Launched in 2006 with the support of publisher Merve to remember the Second World War, Second Chechen War and the Beslan Attack, Dictionary of War, was initially inspired by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattary’s theory of Conceptual Personages, where groups from different cultural backgrounds are encouraged to explain their own perception of ‘War’, these different viewpoints allow empathy and deeper understanding of the subject. The debates have already been held in Germany, Serbia, Italy, Korea and Taiwan engaging philosophers and photographers, historians and lawyers, negotiators, psychiatrists, financiers, war writers and politicians, diplomats and poets.



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