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Why does cinema need ARTDOC?

Silvia Lucchesi, Leonardo Bigazzi, Ben Lewis, Eugeni Mitta, Tamara Dondurey, Andrey Silvestrov
October 22, Saturday

ARTDOC can give an insight to an artwork, shed the light on the ideas behind it and assess the historic environment. Why does cinema need ARTDOC? Why film directors like to explore the stories of artists? Why does Florence - Museum city - need the Film festival on Contemporary Art?


Silvia Lucchesi – an art historian, author of numerous books and articles on contemporary art, curator of exhibitions, producer, director and founder of Lo schermo dell'arte Film Festival.

Leonardo Bigazzi – project manager, responsible also for fundraising and promoting international relations and development of Lo schermo dell'arte Film Festival; curator of different exhibitions and projects.

Ben Lewis – director of documentaries, art-critic and an author of numerous articles on contemporary art that are published in Evening Standard, The Times, Sunday Times, Observer, Financial Times, Sunday Telegraph, Monopol and Programma magazines.

Eugeni Mitta – a gallery owner, scene-designer, actor, artist, producer and film director.

Tamara Dondurey – art historian, film critic, editor of movie screenings department at the TV “First Channel”. Her articles were published in “The Art of Cinema”, “Expert”, «Empire», “Chronicles of Art”, “Around the world” and others.

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