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11 Stories about Design: Bauhaus

Artem Dezhurko
September 14, Wednesday

Limited seating available, arrive early to ensure availability

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the 20th century has been the steady rise and prominence of design, which now permeates every aspect of society. But who are the men and women behind these products so prevalent within all aspects of life? Who is the individual behind the appearance of a chair or the image of a refrigerator? This series of lectures aims to seek out the unsung heroes of the design world, and reveal the processes involved in creating iconic design classics. Throughout this series, journalist Artem Dezhurko will introduce the creative personalities working in furniture manufacturing and the automobile industry, giving the world of design a human face.

The second lecture in this series will look at the weird and wonderful world of the Bauhaus. Dezhurko will regale us with tales of Bauhaus designers: Mies van der Rohe, Marcel Breuer, Josef Hartwig, Peter Keler, Marianne Brandt, Wilhelm Wagenfeld and Christian Dell, and in the process of storytelling, he brings the design process to life.

Artem Dezhurko is a journalist for Interior+Design, ARX, DOMUS (Russian edition) and INTERNI (Russian edition); contributor to Classics Project, Made in Future, and SPeeCH magazines,, and the Great Russian Encyclopedia; consultant for Quality Label: Soviet Design Achievements, Etazhi, Saint Petersburg, 2011, and the curator of Soviet Apartment Morphology, Arch Moscow, 2011.

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