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In the Provinces

In the Provinces
September 11, Sunday
Magnum Photos: Meeting Photographers of the Legendary Agency15:00

Limited seating available, prior registration at is required

Throughout his career, Norwegian photographer Jonas Bendiksen has always sought to transgress boundaries. His professional journey started when he travelled through the territories of the former USSR ( Abkhazia, Georgia, Fergana Valley and Kazakhstan) taking photos of people who were distant from the world of the Internet and modern office environments. These people ranged from factory workers, scrap collectors and drug addicts to churchmen, and the outcome of that journey was the book Satellites (2006).

Upon completion of Satellites, Jonas began travelling through cities known worldwide for their ghettos: Nairobi, Mumbai, Caracas and Jakarta. He took photographs of those who lived in utmost poverty and needed to fight for their lives every single day. The world-renowned photographer joins us today to discuss the subject of his photographs – those living on the margins of society – as well as his collaborative project with National Geographic.


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Jonas Bendiksen is a photographer and member of Magnum Photos. He lives in New York, but actively travels the world, focusing his works on isolated enclaves and communities.

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