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Carsten Höller, Jean Pigozzi, Artists
July 7, Thursday

Join Carsten Höller, Jean Pigozzi and some of the African and Japanese artists from the latest exhibition JapanCongo for a unique opportunity to hear the insights behind the approach for an artist/curator, collection, artists different perspectives and how the exhibition evolved.

Limited Places, drop in early to avoid disappointment.


Cheri Cherin – artist who lives and works in the Republic of Congo.
Erina Matsui – artist from Japan.
Pathy Shindele – artist from Kinshasa, Congo.
Hiroki Tsukida– Japanese artist from Tokyo.
Jean Pigozzi – collector, photographer, and businessman. Over the last 20 years, Pigozzi has managed to amass the world's largest collection of African Art.
Carsten Höller— artist and curator. His practice in both roles involves producing a specific, individual or social experience that occurs the moment one comes into contact with the artwork, be it his or the work of another artist.

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