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Cinemusic. Method of preparation

Anna Drubich
November 23, Tuesday
In the last 50 years, the vinyl sleeve has developed from perfunctory packaging to art-object. Vinyl is not only a visual history of these records, but also a unique exploration into the experiences that can be found on the border of genres and art forms in the 20th century.
Learn how music works in film with young composer Anna Drubich. Have you ever considered how music can save, ruin or dramatically alter a scene in a film? Anna will provide an exclusive insight into this unconsidered side of the film industry. Using numerous examples of scenes, which contain important musical decisions, Anna will discuss the complexities composers face when adapting and creating music for film. The lecture will be accompanied by a video about the work of the most interesting film composers of our time.

Anna Drubich (b. 1984) – composer, pianist, author of soundtracks for Anna Karenina, Classmates and Assa-2 movies.

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