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The New Decors artists. Non-silent objects, noisy spaces

Jaroslaw Kozlowski
October 16, Saturday
Artist's talk18:00

International Group Exhibition The New Decor, which is dedicated to the installations and objects that teeter on the edge of art and design, is open on 20th of October. Installation work takes time, so the artists come to Moscow days in advance. That gives Moscow audience the chance to meet their favourite authors before the official opening day.
Jaroslaw Kozlowski, a longstanding figure on the Polish contemporary art scene, objectifies political reflection through furniture installations. For the exhibition in Moscow he prepared an installation called «Soft defense - Russian version». Kozlowski claims that aspiration to put questions forms the basis of his works. At the meeting he will explain the nature of his curiosity. His audience will also find out if his range of interests is common for contemporary art in Poland.

Jaroslaw Kozlowski (b. 1945) - Polish conceptual artist. Professor in the University of Arts in Poznan. Author of books and theoretical texts on art and aesthetics. Lives and works in Poznan.

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