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Minimalism in Art and Music

Vitaly Patsyukov
April 25, Sunday

Music and art often come together, inspiring and enriching each other as pure expressions of their contemporary context. Though he never studied formally, Rothko played the piano, often for hours at a time, and he was profoundly moved by music throughout his life – particularly Mozart.

In a talk by Vitaly Patsyukov, followed by a composition by Morton Feldmans, performed by the band ‘Black Out’, we shall explore how Mark Rothko’s later work shared characteristics with the music that was created in the same cultural context as his paintings. In particular, both aspects of this event will focus on Rothko’s ‘black’ compositions which were created shortly before his death, and directly inspired Feldman’s composition ‘Broken Symmetry’.

Vitaly Patsyukov is an art historian and curator at the National Centre for Contemporary Arts

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