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Will there be Art and Artists in the Future?

April 16, Friday

Artists: Sergei Shutov, Dmitry Bulatov, Alexander Brodsky, Alexei Shulgin.
Moderator: Irina Kulik

Garage Auditorium
Limited places, drop in early to avoid disappointment

Exhibiting artists from our current exhibitions Futurologia and Russian Utopias explore what will occupy the artists in the future? And will there be a place for art in the future? The discussion will be linked to the perception of art and its position within the utopian ideal. For example, from the beginning of the twentieth century, artists often gave up their artistic practices for the sake of utopian projects, becoming architects, inventors, scientists, sociologists and political activists. This can sometimes be linked back to classical writers such as Plato, and their distrust in the value of an artist’s practice.

Irina Kulik is an art critic and professor at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Moscow.

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