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How Utopian concepts influenced European civilization

Round table discussion
March 24, Wednesday
panel discussion19:00

During the last decades we have witnessed the deconstruction of the "Big Projects". Uncertainty is all we have left: society seeks a perspective, but fails to find it. There is no doubt, that the financial and economical crisis is a result of the ideology crisis, one of the feautures of which is denial. Denial of utopia, denial of clear ideology, denial of "Big Projects" and their implementation plan.

An unrivalled panel of experts will provide an insight into different facets of utopia.
Among the topics to be discussed are:
“Realised utopias of the 20th century”
“Contemporaneity under the guise of antiquity”
“The utopia of a global, self-regulating market and modern science of economics – a type of liberal utopia?”
“Futurology versus utopia: the formation of conjecture or designing the future?”
“Russian utopia versus the social ideal in Russian philosophy”
“Utopia between the impossibility and necessity. The functionality of utopia in the contemporary socio-political discourse.”

Speakers include: T. A. Dmitriev, (editor-in-chief of Praxis Publishing House, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy of the State University, Higher School of Economics); V.P. Sednev, (sociologist, economist, analyst); A.I. Neklesa, (historian and political analyst); D.A. Andreev, (political analyst and specialist on futurology); A.P. Kozyrev, (Associate Professor the Faculty of Philosophy of the Moscow State University, editor-in-chief of Socrates magazine); O.V. Kildyushov, (chief analyst at Praxis Publishing House and Consultancy, observer at Socrates magazine and Russian magazine).

Co-organiser of the roundtable discussion: Praxis Publishing House

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