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The end of Utopia and beginning of ideology

Igor Chubarov
March 17, Wednesday

Social utopianism of the avant-garde art has played a trick on it when it turned out that the utopia of communism was launched.
The problem was that the artistic practices of constructivism and komfuturism could be adequate only in a situation of permanent revolution.
But by the 1930s the trends of authoritarian politics and state capitalism began to germinate in Soviet Russia, which put left-wing avant-garde aesthetic doctrine in an awkward position - forcing it to perform uncharacteristic ideological functions.

The lecture by PhD Igor Chubarova will be devoted to a range of issues related to the historical transformation of the utopian project of the left-wing avant-garde art. 

LECTURER: Igor Chubarov (philosopher, director of the publishing house Logos-Alter, collaborator of the Institute of Philosophy RAS). The main field of his theoretical interests is avant-garde as a project of transformation of society.

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